Today, there are new threats to health and safety everywhere. In addition to public health, outbreaks can bring new risks to livability and liability for your tenants. To preserve your property’s reputation, we recommend our DEFCON ONE™ decontamination management service. Our Green Glove Heroes will follow an ecologically sound protocol that will reduce your tenant’s exposure to contagious pathogens while eliminating pervasive odors. DEFCON ONE. Includes:

  • Planning for property cleanup & disinfection
  • Environmentally safe Remediation
  • Decontamination: pathogen & odor elimination
  • Prophylaxis: ongoing control & protection

DEFCON ONE™ includes everything you need to be heroically safe and odor-free.

Your Green-Glove Trash,
Recycling & Decontamination Experts.

Serving: Northern California & Nevada &
the Pacific Northwest